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University of Melbourne Archives is implementing a new public catalogue at that will be available from 20 November 2023. This catalogue will remain online until June 2024 but will not be updated. Information on this page may be superseded. Contact for questions or assistance
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Search Collections

The 'Search Collections' option gives you two search options:

'Creator' allows you to search for the archives of a specific person, office or organisation. The term 'Creator' is a shorthand way of describing the person, office or organisation that created, received or accumulated a set of records in the course of doing business or in their personal lives. If you know the name of the creator of the archives you want to find, this option will be the most accurate way of finding their records in our catalogue. Enter part or all of the creator's name in the search box, select 'creator' from the drop down menu then select 'search'. Once you've identified one or more creators of interest you can choose to view a description of the records created by them.

'Anywhere' allows you to search on any word or phrase. It conducts a comprehensive search of our database for entries which match the search term. Enter the search term in the search box, select 'anywhere' from the drop down menu then select 'search'.

An asterisk * can be used in either of the above search options to replace one or more letters in the search term. This is useful if you are searching for a term that has multiple expressions or spellings. For example:

  • a search on manufactur* will return records containing manufacture, manufacturing and Manufactures,
  • a search on sm*th will return records containing Smith and Smyth.