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Title: Diary of Mary Anne Sibella, wife of John Carre Riddell (nee Stephen), grandmother of Miss Y.S. Carre Riddell
Collection Name:
Collection/Series: Consolidation: [1967.0016] "CARRE RIDDELL FAMILY"
Reference Code: 1967.0016.00001
Description: The intended use of this book appears to have be as a Cattle Book from 1936, however there are no entries. The author of the diary turned the book around and used the book as a diary. As the chief use of the book was a diary, this is referred to as the front. Written inside front cover are pencil entries of cattle mustered. Preceding the diary is a page containing a few lines of verse, then a page entitled “Total number of S. and M. cattle including yearlings, 222”. The diary commences on 12th April 1843. At back of the diary is a register of the number of cattle branded and where they were left (undated). The following page records “Farm servants assigned to S:S at and after 1 June 1837”. The unused Cattle Book follows. 1
Size cm:
Date: 12 April 1843-3 August 1846
Copyright: This item is out of copyright. Please acknowledge the University of Melbourne Archives as the source of this material. For information about ordering a copy of this image contact the University of Melbourne Archives:
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