The scope of literary collections held at the UMA ranges from early colonial authors to contemporary writers, poets and literary commentators.

UMA also holds the records of literary journals and collectives, trying to achieve a set goal within varying aspects of the literary field. The records of Sister’s Publishing, McPhee Gribble and Meanjin are extensive, containing hold author correspondence and manuscripts in addition to their records of business. There is also the collection of the Australian Book Review, the official journal of the National Book Council, contains correspondence with reviewers and publishers, editorial notes and National Book Council circulars.

Individual author collections represent well know Australian writers such as Chris Wallace Crabbe, Ray Eriksen and Naomi Mitchison and shed light on the work of lesser known writers, both within the university’s literary circles and the wider literary community. In 2014, UMA recieved the Germaine Greer Archive covering a wide range of material from 1959 - 2009. Of note, the first partial draft and editorial of The Female Eunuch have been digitised and are available for viewing

See the Publishing subject guide for complimentary collections in the publishing and book trade industry.