University Records

The University of Melbourne Archives is the main repository of the archival records of the University and related bodies. The University of Melbourne is the oldest in Victoria, established less than 20 years after Batman and Fawkner arrived and the second to be estalished in Australia. It's academics and former students played an intergral role in the history of Victoria, in many fields of endeavor. This huge range of fields is reflected in the UMA's collections.

Online University histories

There are many good online sources detailing the history of the University of Melbourne. The History of the University Unit sponsors research into University history and provides an extensive bibliography online. Their website also provides links to departmental histories. The University Calendars date from the establishment of the University through to the present. These calendars, published almost every year, include the annual report, changes in statutes and regulations and often class and graduate lists. The UMA's online exhibition, Keys to the Past, is an abridged and indexed history of the University, and links UMA collections to particular topics. Also available online are lists of all former professors, senior University office bearers and a list of all recipients of Honoris Causa Degrees.

The University of Melbourne Archives

The UMA holds over 500 distinct collections of committees, departments and faculties, student clubs and societies and other related entities, such as Melbourne University Press. We also hold records of over 200 academics and administrators.

This subject guide is divided into a number of different sections. University - Individuals contains information about the collections of academics and administrators and how to access these collections. Student Records/Student Life contains information about former students' records and matriculation results, as well as information about clubs and societies and colleges. Departments and Faculties lists the collections of numerous University departments and faculties, including minutes of committees, correspondence and adminitrative files. University - Administration contains official University records that are not directly associated with particular faculties and departments, such as Council committees (eg finance, buildings, professorial board). This section also includes the Registrar's correspondence series, which contains University correspondence from the establishent of the University through to 1969 and is probably the best single source of University history. Finally, University - Photographs gives information about the photograph collection held by UMA.

For specific topics, such as University Chancellors, Medicine or Engineering, please see the corresponding subject guide.