University Chancellors

Many University of Melbourne office bearers were influential members of society within the fields of jurisprudence, medical science or business and are therefore of interest to both historians of the University and to more general researchers.

The University of Melbourne Archives (UMA) hold the papers of seven chancellors, five deputy chancellors, eleven vice-chancellors and three deputy vice-chancellors.

These pages contain comprehensive biographies, links to the University of Melbourne Archives finding aids, as well as documenting associated holdings across the University's Cultural Collections, external institutions and additional resources.

This project has been made possible though a generous donation by the Baillieu family.

Further records of Chancellors, Deputy Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors held at UMA.

  • The Hon William Foster Stawell, Chancellor (1881-1882)
  • The Hon. Dr William Edward Hearn, Chancellor (1886)
  • Sir Anthony Colling Brownless, Vice-Chancellor (1858-1887), Chancellor (1887-1897)
  • Martin Howey Irving, Vice-Chancellor (1887-1889)
  • Leonard William Weickhardt, Deputy Chancellor (1966-1972), Chancellor (1972-1978)
  • The Hon. Sir (Albert) Edward Woodward, Chancellor (1990-2000)
  • Sir Wilfred Russell Grimwade, Deputy Chancellor (1941-1943)
  • The Right Hon Hugh Culling Eardley Childers, first Vice-Chancellor (1853-1857)
  • Sir John Grice, Vice-Chancellor (1918-1923)
  • Sir John Dudley Gibbs Medley, Vice-Chancellor (1938-1951)
  • Sir George Whitecross Paton, Vice Chancellor (1951-1968)
  • Sir David Plumley Derham, Vice-Chancellor (1968-1982)

A full list of all senior University of Melbourne office bearers.