Official University Engineering Collections

The Faculty first met in 1889, although engineering had been taught at the University since 1861 as a three-year Certificate course. William Charles Kernot, who had graduated B.A. with honours in 1864 and obtained the Certificate in 1866 (and had ten years' experience in the Victorian Departments of Mines, Water Supply and Railways) became Lecturer of Engineering in 1875. A degree course having been introduced, he became Professor in 1883. On his death in 1909 he was succeeded by Henry Payne (1910-1931), who in turn was succeeded by Kernot's much younger brother, William Noyce Kernot and Aubrey Burstall (1937-1945). After World War II three Chairs were established (for Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, to be occupied by L. Matheson, (also Dean), C.E. Moorhouse and R. Blackwood). The Chair of Metallurgy, established in 1924 with J. Neill Greenwood as occupant, was abandoned in 1955 after the departure of H.K. Worner, but new departments with sub-professorial heads were established, with new degree courses in various branches of engineering.

For more information on the history of the Engineering Faculty, see the University of Melbourne Archives' online exhibition Keys to the Past.

The list of collections under the heading 'other' includes material from the Office of the Registrar. The registrar's collections (from 1858 to 1969) contain a wealth of University history, in particular correspondence relating to the teaching of engineering at the University. An index to the correspondence is held in the reading room at the Baillieu Library.

Engineering staff and student group, n.d.