As part of its business collection policy, UMA has acquired the records of both architectural firms and of individual architects. These collections contain a range of records but of interest to many researchers are those collections with job files, specifications and plans and drawings relating to Melbourne buildings. The collection of the early surveying firm, Mahlstedt's Pty Ltd, holds some 200 block plans of buildings in the city area from 1877-1962. There are also architectural plans and drawings contained within certain other business collections, such as the building firm of Clements Langford Pty Ltd and the retailing house Foy and Gibson, as well as in the records of some trade union bodies (e.g. Victorian Trades Hall Council).

Due to their size and/or fragility, researchers are asked to use collections of architectural drawings at the Archives' repository at 120 Dawson Street, West Brunswick.

Architectural Drawings at the Archives: A Listing and Storage SurveyAn article by Mark Richmond from the UMA Bulletin, 2001.

Wesleyan Church, Palmerston Street, Carlton, side elevation, 1869. Reed & Barnes Architects

Bates, Smart & McCutcheon, (1969.0009)