Peace Movement

The Peace Movement cannot be defined as a single entity as it has taken various forms over the decades as groups from different religious or political backgrounds have organised and dissented against specific wars or the threat of war, against weapons or conscription or oppressive governments. UMA has a significant strength in this area with collections of archival records from a range of organizations and individuals that span the anti-fascist peace movement of the 1930s up until the anti-nuclear movement of the 1980s.

Of particular interest are the photographs of John Ellis, who has documented the people and the public events of anti-war and peace activism in Melbourne since the 1960s. Some one thousand of his photographs are online on the UMAIC web site. Enter <ellis> in the search box and select <Collection Name> from the drop-down options to bring up thumb-nails of the entire collection presently available online. More specific enquiries may be made by entering key words under other of the search options.

See also Archiving Community Activism by Les Dalton, (from the UMA Bulletin no. 14, March 2004).

John Brant Ellis: "Peace, no oil war" at Persian Gulf War protest march, 18 January 1991

33mm negative, John Brant Ellis Collection, UMA/I/834