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Creator: Ducker, Sophie Charlotte [1909 - 2004]
1995.0050 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1820-1984 Access: Restricted
Copies of letters collected in various libraries by Dr. Ducker in the course of research on Carl von Hugel in 1983. They include letters from von Hugel to Bentham, Hooker, R. Brown, and to Hugel from Endlicher and von Muller, and Endlicher to Bentham,1830s - 1840s. These copies were passed on to Mrs. Dymphna Clark, who took over the research which she had been sharing with Dr. Ducker, and Finding Aids: Not listed
2004.0023 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1970-2004 Access: Restricted
Photographs, negatives (personal and research related); correspondence; greeting cards; research notes; note books; reprints; bibliographies; journal articles; lecture notes; collection of 35mm slides; Melbourne University Botany School archival material; System Garden or Botanical Reserve at Melbourne University; material relating to Dr Ethel McLennan; transcription of W.H. Harvey's letters (184 Finding Aids: Yes listed ONLINE
1989.0041 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1973-1981 Access: Restricted
Ms from printer of Sophie Ducker "The Contented Botanist". Von Hugel journal of visit; re-prints of various articles by Von Hugel. Deutscher Bank files 1973-1977, 1978-1981. Also, copies of Harvey correspondence Finding Aids: No Finding Aid. Request all boxes
1979.0021 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1944-1979 Access: restricted. Some of this material is not currently available
Letter of appointment from Prof. J. S. Turner, Botany Dept., 1 December 1944. Photographs of Sophie Ducker on graduating D.Sc. (two in office, one colour, one black and white), one with grandson. Finding Aids: No Finding Aid. Request all boxes
1980.0067 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1959-1978 Access: Restricted
Teaching and research files, lecture notes; manuscripts for papers. Finding Aids: No Finding Aid. Request all boxes
1982.0041 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1962-1971 Access: Restricted
Lecture notes; manuscripts. Finding Aids: Not listed
1984.0007 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1974-1983 Access: Restricted
Manuscript of paper on epiphytes; photographic print of drawing of Sophie Ducker by Louis Kahan, 1983; papers collected in the process of writing an A.D.B. article on Arthur Henry Shakespeare Lucas, with copy of the article; "General Correspondence 1974", correspondence from Mrs Perrin to Lucas; personal correspondence concerning research and teaching in Dr. Ducker's last year before her retireme Finding Aids: Not listed
1984.0017 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1929-1936 Access: Restricted
Letters between A.H.S. Lucas, and W.A. Setchall, Professor of Botany 24 January - 30 November 1936. Includes letter 8 November from Mrs Ida Curtis Jones, daughter of Lucas, written after his death. Finding Aids: Not listed
1985.0009 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1945-1972 Access: Restricted
ID card 1945; correspondence 1969-1972; passports; biographical articles; lecture notes 1969 on a classification of algae (Botany 11). Finding Aids: Not listed
1986.0018 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1975-1986 Access: Restricted
History of the Botany School. Chapter 2. Personal correspondence 1975-78, 1980-81. Finding Aids: No Finding Aid. Request all boxes
1986.0035 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1978-1984 Access: Restricted
Letters regarding bookplate by Margaret Stone 1978; letters of congratulation in D. Sc. 1979; other correspondence 1981-1982, cards received on 75th birthday and Christmas 1984. Photographs. Finding Aids: Not listed
1988.0017 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1983-1987 Access: Restricted
Correspondence 1983-1987: Inwards, Outwards, personal and academic (in English and German) Lecture notes on (1) German influence on Australian Phycology; (2) History of Marine Biology of Victoria; (3) "Deutsch Botaniker und Australien in 19 Jahrhundert" (in German). Research material for biographical article on A.H.S. Lucas Miscellaneous papers and notes. Finding Aids: Not listed
1988.0008 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1988-1988 Access: Restricted
The Contented Botanist; Letters of W.H. Harvey about Australia and the Pacific, edited by S.C. Ducker. Finding Aids: No Finding Aid. Request all boxes
1988.0013 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1975-1975 Access: Restricted
Colour slides of Dr. Ducker's trip to Madagascar. The slides have been numbered but there is no corresponding list. Finding Aids: No Finding Aid. Request box 1
1988.0040 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1914-1985 Access: Restricted
Photographs used in The Contented Botanist, 1988, of A.H.S. Lucas and other botanists. Folder on individuals in photograph of the British Association for the Advancement of Science in Australia, 1914; reprints of article by Dr. Ducker on Port Phillip Heads (Phycologica 1983) and James Fleming (Archives of Natural History 1985). Papers regarding James Fleming's travels 1967-1971; research materi Finding Aids: Not listed
1990.0008 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1987-1988 Access: Restricted
Box 1: Correspondence, chronologically filed in folders labelled: 1987a, 1987b, 1988a, 1988b. Letters (most inwards) are from friends and colleagues in Australia, Europe and America. Some are in German. Also, file on the Botanical History Symposium "Development of Systematic Botany in Australasia" 25-27 May 1988, Ormond College, at which Dr. Ducker was a contributor with a paper on "Early Austri Finding Aids: Not listed
1990.0053 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1961-1989 Access: Restricted Some of this material is not currently available
Academic records; letters from Professor J.S. Turner and Ethel McLennan while Dr. Ducker was away on sabbatical leave 1961; letters of appointment, job applications; Photograph album (Madagascar trip). Christmas cards drawn by Professor J.S. Turner; botanical specimens. Finding Aids: Not listed
1991.0056 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1811-1866 Access: Restricted
Wedding certificate, letters, drawings of W.H. Harvey, 1811-1866. Finding Aids: Not listed
1991.0078 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1974-1974 Access: Restricted
Replies to the Botany School's invitation to a barbecue luncheon in the System Garden to mark Mrs. Sophie Ducker's retirement, 14 December 1974. Finding Aids: No Finding Aid. Request all boxes
1992.0051 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1992-1992 Access: Restricted
Folder: Dr. Ducker's MS. on the early career of Professor J.S. Turner for an obituary co-authored with Dr. D. Ashton; list of Turner's research students and publications compiled by Dr. Ducker; Obituary notice for the Australian Academy of Science which includes Dr. Ducker's account, over Dr. Ashton's name; Text of Memorial Lecture to honour Turner, given by Dr. R.A. Fawns to the Secondary Teache Finding Aids: No Finding Aid. Request all boxes
1992.0137 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1875-1985 Access: Restricted
History of Botany School, including System Garden. Dates: Mostly between 1917- 1986. Included are photocopies of material commencing 1875 compiled for the History of Botany School. Finding Aids: Not listed
1993.0054 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1816-1987 Access: Restricted
Papers relating to research on Florence Perrin, Ludwig Preiss, C.W. Nageli, W.H. Harvey, Mertens, photocopied letters from von Mueller obtained from Hamburg. Slides. Dates include photocopies of original letters. Also included is a box of personal photographs. Finding Aids: Not listed
1993.0156 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1852-1855 Access: Restricted
W.H. Harvey correspondence, 1852-1855. Finding Aids: Not listed
1999.0040 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1985-1999 Access: Restricted
Ducker's Tramstop Lecture of 2 October 1985 'The System Garden' (one C90 cassette, sides A and B); photographs taken at her 90th birthday celebrations, with a 2-page typed list of guests' surnames, but no matching of names to photographs; 17 colour prints, 28 April 1999. Finding Aids: No Finding Aid. Request all boxes
2002.0009 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1962-2002 Access: Restricted
Research papers including Harvey lecture, Setchell and Lucas correspondence; photoprint and negative of Louis Kahan drawing (1983); papers on Empress Josephine; Botany School, including The System Garden, Daniel Bunce, various family photographs and cards and letters received on the awarding on A.O. in Queen's Honours list. Finding Aids: Draft
1983.0039 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1958-1978 Access: Restricted
Correspondence 1960-1978, correspondence with Price; papers relating to the Port Phillip Environment Study 1968-1972; MSc certificate 1958 Finding Aids: Yes box level list ONLINE
1983.0120 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1953-1960 Access: Restricted
Letters to her and her husband, Dr. F. Ducker, from their son Klaus Henry Ducker; newscuttings. Finding Aids: Not listed
1999.0047 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1994-1998 Access: Restricted
Taped interviews with Sophie Ducker, conducted and recorded by John Jenkin, mid-1994. Accompanied by a summary and description of the interview process, 2 pp. by Jenkin, November 1998. Finding Aids: No Finding Aid. Request all boxes
2000.0260 DUCKER, SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1909-2004) 1984-1999 Access: Restricted
Ducker's typescripts re Isobel Cookson and Ethel McLennan; copies from Australian Archives of Ducker's internment and refugee documents; miscellaneous newscuttings, invitations etc. relating to Ducker and her career. Finding Aids: No Finding Aid. Request all boxes
2015.0012 RESEARCH MATERIAL ON ETHEL MCLENNAN 1888-1987 Access: Open
Ethel McLennan material given to Sophie Ducker by McLennan during her lifetime and material gathered by Sophie Ducker about Ethel McLennan and the McLennan family. Also, Ducker's writings about McLennan. Original material includes keepsake album; research notebook; botanical drawings; letters and testimonials; newscuttings; testamur, Doctor of Laws honoris causa, 1982; photographs of McLennan thr Finding Aids: Yes Listed ONLINE
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