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White, Professor David O.
Date of birth: 30/08/1931
Place of birth: Canberra
Date of death: 07/11/2004
Biography: David White was Professor of Microbiology at the Univesrity of Melbourne (1967-1994). His main work was in the field of virology in which he published several textbooks including the fourth edition of the Natural History of Infectious Diseases (1972) with Frank Macfarlane Burnet, Medical Virology (1970) with Frank Fenner, Viral Pathogenesis and Immunology (1984) with Cedric Mims, and Veterinary Virology with Frank Fenner and others (1987). He taught bacteriology on the science, medicine and related courses at the University of Melbourne and taught bacteriology to medical students in Papua New Guinea,1979-1987 supported by a government aid scheme. White sought improvements in teaching and development of careers in microbiology including professional summer schools, promoting understanding of developments and opportunities in biotechnology and through membership and presidency of the Australian Society for Microbiology (1988-1990). In this last capacity he was instrumental in the society publishing a monograph History of Microbiology in Australia (1992). White was a senior member and leader of the University of Melbourne professoriate as Head of Department and President of the Professorial Board 1977-1978 and following its transition, Academic Board 1978. He was nominated a conciliator of disputes by the Staff Association in 1986-1982. His career included numerous overseas fellowships, committee appointments, and advisory roles including the National Centre for HIV Virolology Research (1990-1992), many of which are outlined in White's entry in the Encyclopedia of Australian Science.
Activities/Occupation: Academics - Biology
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