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1987.0162 [Papers of the Leeper Family]
Date Range of Records: 1890-1980
- Leeper Family [-]
This collection consists of intermingled papers from three publicly active members of the Leeper Family in Melbourne - Alexander Leeper, Valentine Leeper and Geoffrey Leeper. It also contains correspondence with other siblings and relatives in Melbourne and the UK as well as of Adeline and Mary Leeper, Alexander's wives. Geoffrey Leeper’s papers have been listed sepaerately [see 2018.0113]. Researchers are advised that the separation of the papers has resulted in changed box numbering, and citations created prior to 2018 should be checked against the finding aids for both 1987.0162 and 2018.0113 to identify current details.

Alexander Leeper's papers consist of: Correspondence 1890-1930; household accounts; items; newspaper cuttings; obituary 1934.

Geoffrey Leeper's papers (now 2018.0113): Correspondence; postcards; photographs; lecture notes; private papers; committee material; University of Melbourne papers; publications; newspaper cuttings; photographs; personal items; copies of "The Collegian", "University Gazette" and "Trinity College".

Valentine Leeper's papers consist of: Correspondence; postcards; taxation material; photographs; donation receipts; lecture notes; diary 1978-1980; MCEGGS notebooks; scrapbooks; Anthropological Society of Victoria material; Victorian Aboriginal Group - National Association for the Advancement of the Native Race papers; personal correspondence.

In 2018 papers of the Victorian Aboriginal Group and related bodies stored by Valentine Leeper were identified and redescribed in detail to make them available and transparent to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and researchers. Many of the records were collected and maintained by Valentine Leeper sometimes during her roles and activities in the following groups, and sometimes because she had access to them and preserved them:
• Victorian Aboriginal Group (VAG)
• National Association for the Advancement of the Native Race (NAANR)
• Anthropological Society of Victoria
• Melbourne Church of England Girls Grammar School (MCEGGS)
• League of Nations Union
Items in these papers relate to some of Valentine Leeper’s work in: Indigenous affairs, Christian Missions, anthropology (both Australian and International), and Classical Studies. They principally consist of personal and professional correspondence, annual reports, newsletters, cuttings, photographs and miscellaneous papers.

The majority of these items are about Aboriginal Australians rather than by them except for a small group of school documents by Aboriginal children sent to the Victorian Aboriginal Group by friends working in Western Australian missions, especially the Mount Margaret Mission, and exhibited by the VAG at fundraising events.

The descriptions of Indigenous content in these items mention the places where the Aboriginal Australians discussed lived, their language groups and the subject of the discussion. These descriptions seek to identify all place names and people/language groups which may be relevant to Indigenous people searching for cultural connection. As such, some descriptions are at a very granular level e.g. all names and missions mentioned in the Victorian Aboriginal Group annual reports, as well as all persons involved in those missions. This allows for maximum search results.
72 Units
Collection Category: Other, individuals
Access Conditions: Access: Part restricted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that some items in this collection might cause distress: it may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons in photographs, film, audio recordings or printed material. Some items may contain terms that reflect authors’ views, or those of the period in which the item was written or recorded but may not be considered appropriate today. These views are not necessarily the views of University of Melbourne. While the information may not reflect current understanding, it is provided in an historical context. Finally, some few items contain disturbing descriptions that may include violence, abuse, genocide, and discussion around the stolen generations. These items are noted in the listing.
Finding Aids: Yes box and item level list ONLINE
Online ListingLeeper Family Papers (1987.0162)
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