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Fairley, Rigby and Co. Ltd
History : Formed by Australians Frank and Louisa Fairley and an Englishman F.B. Rigby, the company began purchasing land in the Solomon Islands during 1912 for copra plantation. In late 1916, the company's name was changed to San Cristoval Estates Ltd. A timber concession of Vanikoro Island was first mooted in 1912, but was not finally taken out until March 1923. In 1925, the Vanikoro Kauri Timber Company was formed by combining the timber assets of the San Cristoval Estates Ltd with working capital of the Kauri Timber Company. The copra plantations were excluded from this transaction and San Cristoval Estates continued to exploit them. The San Cristoval company's promoters persisted, but there was no bonanza for them in the Solomons. A decision to liquidate was taken in September 1937, but liquidation was not completed until January 1944. The Vanikoro Kauri Timber Company was liquidated in 1941, and the timber concession was carried on by the Vanikoro Branch of the Kauri Timber Company.
Activities/Occupation: Timber growers, Merchants, timber
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