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Date Range of Records: 1945-1985
- Citizens Welfare Service Of Victoria [1946-1996]
- Social Policy Archive [1993-1997]
This series comprises the case records of CWS clients, being primarily those people seeking relationship guidance counselling and including general counselling/support clients. Each client is an individual or couple and the file documents their interaction with CWS. Files are primarily made up of structured and unstructured case notes and letters, detailing psychological, financial, sexual and other issues causing difficulties. The files, compiled by social workers, take pains to build an overall family picture often including grandparents and children, alcohol and drug abuse and other matters. The files provide personal comments and judgements from the social workers concerning the client and their families, such comments often appear pejorative to modern sensibilities however were probably commonplace when the files were created. The series was originally transferred to the RMIT Social Policy Archive as series 73 and each file received the same item number 1477, (in contradistinction to the standard practice of numbering each item in order of receipt). The client case records are arranged in sequential file number order (approximately 67,894-85,662), which reflects a chronological order of creation; most of the records contain documents created in the date range of 1961-1979. The group of files numbered 85039-85662 (Units 1-2) were transferred to RMIT Social Policy Archives in November 1994, together with a bundle of summary cards 1983-1987. 7 client files found in Unit 3, do not appear to have case numbers and one of these files consists of correspondence found loose. The date range of these 7 files is approximately 1953-1979. Most of the subsequent files represent cases with which CWS has had no contact in 10 or more years. Files numbered 83813-83814 & 83816-83819 were found bundled with a label "To be archived" in RSPA box 190 and were placed into their sequence in box 2013.0114.0090 after the rest of the series was completed.
91 Units, (11m)
Collection Category: Community and Political, organisations
Access Conditions: Access: Restricted
Finding Aids: Not listed, please contact Archives staff for assistance
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