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Immigration Reform Group
Earliest: 1959
History : Started in 1960, by Indonesianist J.A.C. Mackie and economist Kenneth Rivett, the Immigration Reform Group argued against racially discriminatory immigration policy known as the White Australia Policy. It published a reasoned argument against existing immigration policy and for controlled non-European immigration across the occupational spectrum in Control or Colour Bar (1960), republished as Immigration: control or colour bar? in 1962. The ideas of the group were influential on the community and policy makers. The arguments of the group and those they influenced against the White Australia Policy and lobbying for change led to the formal end of the policy under the Liberal Government of Harold Holt in 1966. Also see: Jacqueline Templeton, 'Immigration Reform Group' in eMelbourne: the city past and present, School of Historical Studies, Department of History, The University of Melbourne (July 2008),, last accessed 13 March 2013. Emily Were, 'The Immigration Reform Group' in Protest! Archives from the University of Melbourne, University of Melbourne Archives, (February 2013),, last accessed 13 March 2013.
Activities/Occupation: Political activists
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