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Wadham, Sir Samuel Macmahon
Date of birth: 1891
Date of death: 1972
Biography: Wadham was born in London in 1891. He studied botany at Cambridge before volunteering to serve during World War I. After the war he worked as a research student in the British Ministry of Agriculture, returning to Cambridge as a senior demonstrator in the Botany Department. In 1926 he and his wife Dorothy came to Melbourne, where he had been appointed Professor of Agriculture where he remained until he retired. In addition to his research teaching and administration, Wadham became active and influential in the University and beyond: as a member of the Federal Dairy Investigation Committee (1929), the Royal Commission on the Wheat Industry (1934), the Commonwealth Nutrition Committee (1937), the Rural Reconstruction Committee (1943-1946), the Commonwealth Migration Planning Council (1949-1960) and the Commonwealth Committee for Tertiary Education (1963-1965). He was also a member of the Council of C.S.I.R.O. and in 1961 the President of A.N.Z.A.A.S. He also wrote and broadcast on aspects of farming, so that he was a well-known and popular figure in farming communities. He was also a regular newspaper columnist and ABC broadcaster. He retired in 1956, remaining active in various organizations until his death in 1972.
Activities/Occupation: Academics - Agriculture
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